Tips to Become a Teacher Tutoring

Being a teacher tutoring is one of the most fun job in the world. Especially when compared with the class teacher, at least according to me. Since the class 1 high school I’ve been a tutor (read more here). My experience as a private tutor guru privat jakarta for 7 years (ages 18-22 years of teaching), give me an understanding of how to be a teacher for private lessons. Here I explain the advantages of working as a teacher for private lessons: Learners slightly. Mostly as a private tutor we just have to teach the students. It’s a very pleasant thing. We just have to understand the character of students. Compare this with the classroom teacher must understand the character of dozens of students (30-50 students). It determines the teaching techniques that we do. Satisfactory payment. Teaching one child at a time of 90 minutes we could get paid 30-80 thousand. Compare with temporary teacher salaries in the public schools were paid an average of 9-15 thousand / meeting. So this line of work is in demand in the eyes of the students. Eat free. Ya the most exciting moment as a teacher for private lessons. After teaching often we were told to eat or when teach often already provided snacks. Do not hesitate, do not self-respect, it’s sustenance. Shall be accepted. The host was glad when the food was served tasted and eaten with gusto. No need track record. Capital jagi tutors only two occasions and reckless. Work nyantai kayak on the beach. I am almost sure that most private tutor role as a friend to confide in than to be really “teacher”. Nyantai right? 90 minutes face-to-face time, allocation vent can reach 30-90 minutes. We also do not have to be burdened to create lesson plans, assessment standards, etc. But whether it will continue like this? Do not feel guilty? Teaching roughing, while the money obtained easily we spend. Let’s move on, we want education to be better, right? We hate to see the news about the theft and corruption? Then what is the difference we are with thieves and criminals if they do not perform the functions and duties we properly? Here are some tips that I can give to us to be a guru les privat ke rumah or teacher for private lessons are cool. Preferably students, parents and loved going overworked. 1. Keep Appearance Appearance is the first thing we should note. Especially on the first day want to teach. Remember that “first impressions are so tempting, then up to you”. It must be recognized if the clothes students wear decent and polite can be counted on the fingers, but usahakanlah using appropriate clothing and memantaskan themselves. Try a bath before teaching, wear clean clothes, comb tidy, and wear perfume. But it must be remembered also do not get too much use of the perfume. It could be considered not want to teach, but calculated want to watch dangdutan. In addition to excessive perfume can distract students in learning.

2. Prepare Instructional Materials and Learning Media’s brothers all, this is not the time saber-toothed tiger. This is the century in which teachers are required to be performed delightful. On several occasions to demonstrate the unique thing sometimes I prepare the material topics were arranged like a joke, so I teach in the style of stand-up comedy. Is this crazy? yes crazy. But better to be considered crazy rather than stand by and not make any changes. The day before or 1-2 hours before trying to make a sketch teach learning are going to do. Do not become teachers are mediocre. Teachers or guru les privat jakarta who have been used to a lot, be a teacher who can inspire. Then occasionally try to do practical work when teaching. Not hard. We use only the tools and materials that are in his house, which is important there is a will. In fact, could also be invited to cook together, invited maintain ornamental fish to study living creatures, etc.